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Sales Management – Doing the Math Part 4

Picture this: Your Monday morning sales meeting: “How are we doing in new sales?” “Good.” “Are we close to getting any new work?” “Oh yeah!” “Really?” “Everyone I talked to is not happy with their current contractors.” “How many is everyone?” “A bunch.” “What’s the plan for this week to get these guys?” “I have […]

KPI’s in a Landscape Business – Doing the Math Part 3

KPI: Sounds pretty important, doesn’t it? That’s because KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are important. They are the first level “drill down” in the reporting cascade for a good Landscape Business Management Software (see below). BIG PICTURE Rolling Budget Business KPIs (Key Productivity Indicators) Functional Reports (Sales, Client, Production, Finances) Process Dashboards LITTLE PICTURE KPIs are used […]

Budgeting: Doing the Math Part 2

To make money, you must manage effectively. To manage effectively, you need to employ a cascading reporting structure that starts at the top of your company (big picture) and drills down to the bottom (little picture). There is no other way to maximize visibility and accountability. BIG PICTURE: Rolling Budget Business KPI’s (Key Productivity Indicators) […]

Reporting: Doing the Math, Part 1

This is the first in a multi-part series about the importance of business calculations and reporting in the green/snow industries. “Do the math!” This was my mantra for 23 years of consulting for clients. What I meant was any business plan should be based on information that is mathematically sound and identifies the key activities […]

Future Vision: Efficiency

Since I’ve discussed the ways software can improve account managers’ service and provide them a competitive advantage, let’s talk about the ways software can improve efficiency (the other competitive advantage) and turn production supervisors into A+ performers. When it comes to efficiency, your production supervisors are your key asset. The decisions they make can save […]

Future Vision: Service

Let’s look into the future and envision how software will improve customer service. This is important because customer service, not software, provides a competitive advantage. But, the right software can provide the platform you need to out-compete the other guy by delivering better service. When it comes to service, your account managers are your most […]

Future Vision: Service, Efficiency, Accountability, Visibility

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Today’s business management software uniquely provides visibility that simply wasn’t possible when you were juggling spreadsheets, crew tracking devices and QuickBooks to run a business. Today’s business management software allows you to see what’s happening… NOW! New Tools, Right Tools Business management software is the tool that allows […]